Be Good, para una comunicación efectiva en sostenibilidad

porÁngela Ruiz

Coinciding with the debate #TrendTalk3 on effective communication and sustainability celebrated last March 27 in Brussels, the DNS network has launched the book Be Good. All the network’s agencies have been preparing its content since a time ago and, finally, we can now see the result. It is very satisfactory!

The book is constituted by a series of success’ cases from all DNS`s members, where creativity is exemplified in communication for sustainability at an international level. Likewise, declarations of several teams’ members complement this content. It is a publication that can reach a position as it should be among the references on the communication of sustainability.

This DNS’s initiative has emerged with the aim of transmitting the keys to effective communication in sustainability. A strong bet of this international alliance to reinforce the commitment to sustainability without leaving behind creativity, humor and optimism.

Because we know that society needs to understand sustainability, our efforts are focused on bringing these complex concepts to people. This is what we have wanted to convey in Be Good…


Alberto López/Ángela Ruiz