FerrovialINTERACTIVE Sustainability Strategy

The challenge they set us:

Ferrovial had developed a new Sustainability Strategy in a comprehensive document compiled by the various managers who had participated in its development from different areas of the company. Based on this technical information, they needed to translate it into a communicable and consumable product, which would be understandable and visual in order to transmit the information in an engaging and interesting way to the different audiences.

Our solution:

To develop the strategy in a very schematic way and to create an appealing design, so that the content could be seen at a glance, showing the information in layers with the possibility of expanding it in case the user wanted to know more. All this was developed with the tool Genially.

The result:

An interactive infographic, using the Genially tool, where a corporate, yet very visual and modern style design prevailed. The content was distributed in such a way that the user can learn about each of the achievements of the last year from an initial global conception of the strategy. The infographic also looks to the future, including the objectives that the company seeks to achieve in each area by 2030.