HMTXDigital sustainability report

The challenge they set us:

For HMTX’s first sustainability report, the company contracted a specialist company for the implementation and adaptation of a tool for capturing its sustainability data and indicator management. Subsequently, Ecoavantis comes into action for the processing of the collected information and the development of the report.

Our solution:

To publish a sustainability report that would allow them to show their stakeholders, in a very visual way, the commitment they have with people and the planet, as well as the strategy defined and initiatives implemented in ESG matters, and everything they are doing to make progress in this line.

The result:

Drafting and layout of the sustainability report. A document focused especially on qualitative achievements and medium-term objectives.
Website with the report integrated. A landing page that followed the visual line of the company, but with an optimal visualisation of the major milestones in ESG matters.
Videos and animation: interviews with members of the Impact Team, CEO and other employees, where the relevance, necessity and final objective of publishing its sustainability report were mentioned. Contextualise to communicate. An animated audiovisual piece was designed and assembled, following the visual line of the rest of the products, which provides a summary of the sustainability report.