Madrid Food Wave (Bye bye CO₂)a gamification + awareness-raising proposal

The challenge they set us:

The Madrid City Council’s Environment and Mobility Department is looking for a tool to raise awareness and communicate about sustainable food, with young people as a priority target audience and within the framework of the European Food Wave project. The premise was to approach the project seeking the interaction and engagement of users, with the following requirements:

  • Design of an educational game on sustainable purchasing
  • Monitoring of usage and user experiences
  • Follow-up on the visits and opinions issued

This is how Bye Bye CO₂ was born.

Our solution:

As gamification experts, we started designing the game at the lowest level together with the client (starting from a very general idea) to get the functional and technical requirements and an idea for a game proposal that would appeal to everyone. Focusing on a young audience to raise awareness about buying sustainable food and taking into account the user experience and their knowledge about sustainability.

The result:

A playable web app available on any device and tablet or PC that includes specific actions to achieve engagement, through the challenge of passing levels and achieving a sustainable purchase in each section of the supermarket. Want to give it a try?