Design ofinteractive campaigns

We believe that social, economic and environmental transformation comes hand in hand with information, awareness and sensitisation. We need to communicate to achieve change. And we need to do it in a new way to accomplish the main priority: CAPTURING ATTENTION.

Questioning. Engaging. Transforming: this is how we work on our awareness-raising and dissemination projects.

We devise different ways of dissemination and awareness-raising with the aim of leading the user towards action, to be part of the change that the world needs: e-learning tools, infographics and interactive scenarios, gamification proposals and digital experiences that leave a mark, that lead to understanding and interacting with the environmental theme or problem presented.

Whether it is a public awareness campaign or an awareness-raising project, or even training at a corporate level, our work focuses on achieving the specific objective of each project. Raising awareness. Changing attitudes and behaviours. Making the world a better place.

We are preparing projects to be shown in this section.