Time to #changesomething – The role of the creative and advertising industry and how you can be part of it

porÁngela Ruiz

We have to admit that we are late.

We, who always listen to the slightest change in the cultural narrative to adapt and create new stories that sell, we weren’t listening well enough. We weren’t prepared.

And now a young kid has been asking for it for years, an entire generation is doing the same, and even some of our clients are adapting ahead of their industries. So now it’s time to join the challenge and inspire the change against global warming and for climate action. 


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Can the advertising and communication industry be the change? 

Many of today’s problems need systemic and cultural changes. The technological ones are ready and evolving but the social ones are taking more time than expected. But the advertising and creative industry has influenced social norms and desires for decades and now it can use that knowledge and power for a change that supports our life on Earth, help preserve biodiversity and build on equality. 

Ecoavantis is a communication agency specialized on sustainability, but we cannot be sustainable alone and we cannot cherry pick only clients who are sustainable. We need to work on active and intentional changes, we need to inspire new ways of doing things, new habits, new ways of collaborating, producing, and staying in business.  

This is why we partnered first with DNS (the Do Not Smile Network of European agencies) and now with the DNS network and the ATI network (Agencies of triple impact in Latin America) for the campaign “Change something”. The campaign is designed to mobilize the creative industry to contribute to the fight against the climate crisis and against the backdrop of COP15 Biodiversity and COP26. 

These days we are promoting the campaign around our network to engage more and more agencies in it, because the more we are the better!

So, if you are curious, here is the main website to read more about the mission and here is a toolkit with all the tools and information about the campaign and how to join it. 

And here are a series of ideas about how to #changesomething.