HEINEKEN EspañaCommunicating and showing sustainability

The challenge they set us:

It is one of the world’s largest and leading beer producers and we have been working hand in hand with its sustainability, communication and marketing departments for more than eight years, highlighting the company’s sustainability initiatives and advances with the most innovative content.

Our solution:

We have managed to apply a holistic approach, leveraging our expertise in design services and the development of publications and reports, but also in the design of infographics, to tell the story of your results.

The result:

Non-Financial Information Statement (NFS): from the information gathering phase, interviews and meetings with departmental managers and technicians, drafting the document, conducting a materiality analysis, revision and version control to final validation, a process accompanied by advice and support in external verification audits and creativity, design and layout.
Sustainability report: based on the NFS and translating the most relevant information into a more accessible, easily understandable language, with this product, which is more summarised and concise, we give each achievement in terms of sustainability the relevance it deserves, highlighting the efforts of the professionals who have made it possible. And all this with the Ecoavantis seal: creativity, design and unique media.
Corporate sustainability progress dossier: compile and summarise the most important points with a very visual and striking design to capture at a glance all the figures and major milestones achieved in the last year.