UAB (FoodE project)Tailor-made digital solutions for a European project

The challenge they set us:

Within the framework of the European FoodE project, the need arose to highlight and disseminate the sustainable initiatives of small businesses and agri-food systems. There was an urgent need to create a complete solution to register, measure and evaluate the level of sustainability of the participating initiatives or suppliers and, on the other hand, to offer a tool for citizens to get to know and interact with them.

Our solution:

Diseñamos y desarrollamos una estrategia que integrara tres herramientas digitales relacionadas entre sí y que permitieran a los diferentes targets implicados cumplir sus funciones y los objetivos del proyecto.

The result:

An App, focused on the dissemination and interaction of the initiatives and aimed at the citizen-consumer of these services, which, in addition to informing, sought engagement through gamification.
A privately managed platform to register sustainable agri-food initiatives in Europe and through which it is possible to measure and communicate their level of sustainability and results.
A website for dissemination and presentation of the project as a general reference.