Carrefour + Recycl3r (Reciclaya)Progressive Web App to build customer loyalty

The challenge they set us:

To design a tool to be integrated into Carrefour’s systems to extend environmental information to the customer about proper waste separation, but focused on generating added value and helping to build customer loyalty with ad hoc strategies.

Our solution:

In collaboration with Recycl3r, a tool was designed that could be integrated into Carrefour’s web and app systems to provide information about the recycling of products included in the shopping receipt, combined with actions to reward customers for their environmental commitment to help build customer loyalty.

The result:

Reciclaya is a PWA (Progressive Web App) with which Carrefour informs the customer and also encourages customer interaction and engagement.
Each user can find out how to separate and recycle the rubbish from each of the products they have purchased at home by scanning the barcode on the purchase receipt.
In addition, the app includes actions focused on the accumulation of economic rewards for recycling packaging.
Through geolocation, the app informs the customer of nearby containers and recycling points.